The increase in the popularity of virtual spaces has impacted betting and gaming as well. In a world where you can interact with others virtually, people also want to enjoy games and bet on them virtually as well. BetKing allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – play and bet on virtual games and win real-life money! 

Before now, you had to visit one of our shops to enjoy most of these games. Now, however, we’ve brought these virtual games to you by putting them up on our website. 

Read on to find out more about these games, how you can play them and enjoy all the attached benefits/features:  

Virtual football leagues: If you enjoy betting on football, you’ll enjoy betting on our virtual football league as they include everything you love about football including goals galore, the clubs you love and most importantly, the chance to win up to 1 million naira in just three minutes!

Dog racing: Dog racing is one of the most fascinating virtual games around. Created to mimic the sport of coursing where greyhounds chase down live rabbits, Dog racing quickly grew popular for combining the best parts of coursing with horse racing. As dogs are easier to maintain than horses, it quickly became a cost-effective way for people to bet on races.  

Our Virtual dog racing game allows you to bet on a series of pre-recorded, unreleased real-life dog races. To win, select a race and predict match outcomes like “race winner”, “top three dogs” etc. 

The beauty of dog racing is that since it’s available 24/7, you have unlimited chances to WIN BIG.

Keno: The premise of this virtual game works exactly like it does when you play in-store. To win at Keno, select 1-10 numbers from a total of 1-80 and spin the wheel. Compare the numbers you picked with what has appeared on the screen, the more you get correctly, the more money you win. 

Spin 2 win: If you’re a big James Bond fan, you’ll enjoy our Spin to Win virtual game. Based on the Casino game, Roulette, Spin 2 Win is played by guessing on the random draw of a roulette game. Some of the outcomes you can bet on include; getting the right color, number(s), Odds/evens, sector, low/high colors etcetera.  



Why you should bet on virtual 

There are several reasons for you to play BetKing’s virtual games such as:  

Options: With the domestic football season on hold, the number of games available for you to bet on has reduced drastically. Give yourself more options by betting on any of our virtual games today 

Win Big: Virtual’s “quick play and win” feature means that in as little as three minutes, you could become a millionaire! That does not happen elsewhere so, load up one of our virtual games and start playing today! 

Amazing odds: Our amazing odds are not limited to conventional sports! Enjoy our amazing odds on our virtual games and give yourself a higher chance of winning some serious money. 

Quick payouts: We make your payouts as quickly as we accept your deposits. Try us today and find out for yourself. 

Latest games: We pride ourself on making sure that our customers can play the latest games and sports. This is relevant on virtual as well; With BetKing, you will play the latest and best virtual games. 


That the domestic football season has ended does not mean you have to stop winning. Enter our virtual world today and become a winner there as well! 

Author: Clayton Kuhn